Health and Fitness – why everyone should meditate

Mediation is a common practice to help people stay calm. It has many numerous benefits when done by an individual. For one to meditate properly, they need to choose a convenient time for them when they are less likely to get any disturbances. Meditation should also be done at a quiet place free from distractions and in a comfortable position since one will tend to stay in the same position for long. It should also be done on a relatively empty stomach and not when one is totally hungry since they will end up just thinking about food. There are numerous health benefits that can be derived from meditating and here are reasons why everyone should meditate.

Reduces stress

Stress is a common problem in today’s world that is fast-paced. Some stress cases do not need medication but just a change of lifestyle. Meditation gives one some time to relax and rest mentally and physically as well. It also benefits one nervous system and causes the body to reduce the production of stress hormones like cortisol which have negative effects on one’s health. This goes a long way in improving one’s mood and enhancing production of serotonin.dghgfhfghfghfghfgh

Improves health

Meditation is a way of strengthening one’s immune system, reduces blood pressure and also plays a major role in lowering stress levels. This makes meditation important for people suffering from chronic illnesses. Meditation helps in the recovery process. However, meditation is not a substitute for seeking proper medical care. It is also not just for them that are terminally but also those with common ailments like cold and flu. By making the immune system stronger one gets well faster. One also gets relief from headaches and prevents their occurrence through meditation.

Improves sleep

Sleep is a requirement for the human body to function properly. Sometimes being busy or stressed may make one not sleep well causing them to feel tired the next day since their bodies did not get adequate rest. Meditation helps to improve sleep and is also a form of treatment for insomnia.


Slows aging

Research shows that people who meditate regularly do not age as fast as those who do not. Meditating slows the process of aging in human beings. In addition to that, those who meditate tend to live longer as well. This can be attributed to the fact that meditation reduces the production of free radicals which influence aging, damage of tissues and even some diseases.

Promotes emotional stability and positive thoughts

Those suffering from anxiety or depression get a natural prescription of meditating. It is also a prescription for those suffering from depression or anxiety disorders and those with uncontrollable anger. Also, remember that meditation is not only for those suffering from such conditions. Any other healthy person can still do this and get many health benefits.fgdfgfdgfdgdfggfh

Promotes happiness

The key to prolonged life is being happy. Happy people are fun to be around Happy people are not easily stressed. They also sleep better and have a positive view of all things. Mediation makes one a happy person.